Jeffrey's report from MIBI

Jeffrey gave a report to the congregation concerning his recent 3 weeks in Malawi, Africa.  Jeffrey taught for 2 weeks at MIBI (Malawi International Bible Institute).  MIBI is a preachers training school that uses the Sunset International Bible Institute curriculum.  He and his brother co-taught the Colossians/Philemon course.  Currently the school as seven students, but only six were present at his time there. For more information you can view the following pages:

MIBI home Page

Green Valley Church of Christ – Overseeing USA congregation

TeachersHerbert Phuka (left) and Solomon Wellos (right) – instructors

Click HERE for a YouTube video clip of the teacher’s introducing themselves.

Click HERE for a YouTube video clip of one of the students introducing himself.

Click HERE for a YouTube video clip of one of the students preaching.




Medson2Medson Chitedze – Business Administrator of MIBI







Students2Current Preacher Trainees at MIBI







maize1To help offset the cost future cost of maize, the church paid for the purchase, curing, and bagging for 30 50kg bags of maize that they can store and use when the price gets very high in about 4 months.  This will offset the food budget of the MIBI board.  Malawi is expected to have a “food shortage” during the months of December through April.