If you have read our statement of faith and core doctrine, then you know much about what most Churches of Christ believe.

Here are some bullet-points about our common convictions:

  • Churches of Christ are autonomous. That means each congregation is self-directed and led by a group of men chosen from within the local congregation.  No one congregation has authority over another.  That is part of what we mean by “non-denominational.”
  • Churches of Christ, in our fellowship, are acapella. “A Capella” comes from an Italian background and originally meant “according to the chapel style.”  That style was singing with the voices only, with no instruments used.  We do not use instruments in our worship.  It really is a wonderful way of expressing your heart and voice to God.  We believe you will find this type of singing refreshing.
  • Churches of Christ observe weekly communion. The Lord’s Supper, sometimes called Eucharist, is open to all who desire to partake.  In our church, we have unleavened crackers for the body of Jesus and individual juice cups for the blood of Jesus.  These are passed along the pews in trays where each person can partake if they choose.
  • Churches of Christ also take up a free will offering for the members to give for the common good and use of the local church.  No visitor is ever asked to give money.
  • Churches of Christ believe in the Bible as the inspired Word of God and believe it is the sole authority for knowing God’s will for salvation and our life.  We believe the Holy Spirit comes into us upon our repentance, confession and baptism into Christ and aids us in our Christian walk.

You can find out many things on the web about “Churches of Christ,” some of which are true and some of which are false.  We encourage you to contact a local congregation where you plan to attend in order to know exactly what that congregation believes.