Not only do we offer small group studies, but we also realize that each person or family needs to come to a better understanding of the Bible.

We offer opportunities for you to grow spiritually by studying the Bible with someone in your home or at some place of convenience.  This is a great way to ask questions, obtain a deeper understanding about our church and beliefs, or to study the Bible with a desire to understand God’s will for your life more completely.  These personal studies are conducted by our minister or other members of our congregation.

If you cannot find the time or desire to study with someone, we also offer Bible studies through the mail.  You do them at your leisure, send in the answer sheet, and the next lesson will be mailed to you.  There are eight lessons in this course, and its goal is to help you be able to understand the Bible, its divisions (like the Old and New Testament), and timelines as to events taking place, and to develop a basic understanding of doctrinal and salvation issues.