"A Man with Two Moms"

Preached by on May 8, 2016
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We tell the story of a baby in a basket and a mom who hid her child where another could find him. This Mother's Day let's look at the man who had two moms and what each gave him.

The Man with Two Moms

(Ex. 2:1-10)



A.  Life forces us to make decisions every day.  Some decisions are very easy, so much so that we don’t even think about them we just do them.  But there are those decisions we make that cause us to think deeply.  Knowing that whatever the decision is that we make, it will have long term consequences.

B.  Maybe you have been there.  You were involved in some situation that required you to make a decision that would affect the rest of your life. It might have been work related, relationship related, or health related.  You know that feeling deep within that you want to make the right decision, but you are afraid of making the wrong one.

C.  Our story is filled with big decisions by many people, but this morning we will look at two women who made decisions that affected, not just their life, but the lives of nations.


I.  Jocabed Makes A Decsion

A.  One might say, “It all began on a dark night when a dark man waits with a dark purpose.”  It really does begin in a very dark way.  You see, a king (a Pharaoh) arose over Egypt that did not know Joseph.  This Pharaoh saw the Hebrew people as a threat.  By this time they had gone from invited guests to salves.  But they grew in number and at the time of the opening of the book of Exodus this Pharaoh felt threatened by their increasing number.

B.  So he makes an unthinkable decision as far as we are concerned.  He decrease that every male Hebrew was to be killed. (Ex. 1:22)

C. The Bible continues the story by saying that two Levites married and she conceived and gave birth to a son.  But what do you do when the law demanded the death of your child.  As with any mother, she looks at her boy and sees her beautiful boy and cannot think of drowning him.

D.  But then again, how well can you hide a baby?  What would happen to this woman, her husband, her daughter if she continued to hide the child?  Her heart must have been breaking.  I cannot imagine the emotions inside this mom as she held that baby.

E.  During a very difficult time in her life, Gloria Gaither was pregnant.  Her husband Bill had been dealing with some health issues and society was crying out “God is Dead!”  Gloria wrote that while sitting in a room on New Year’s Eve she wondered why they were bringing a child into the word.  But then a peace came over her and she wrote, “How sweet to hold a newborn baby and feel the pride and joy he gives, but greater still the calm assurance this child can face uncertain days because He lives.”

F.  What Jocabed thought during those three months I don’t know.  We don’t even have a name for this baby.  All we know is that at some point in time the best she could do was to put him in the Nile…but why?


II.  Pharaoh’s Daughter Makes A Decision

A.  The Bible does not give us a reason for Jocabed’s decision, but it does give us some hints.  (Ex. 2:3-4)

B.  We know this sister.  Her name is Miriam.  She and mom place the little baby in a basket that is water tight.  There is no hint that Jocabed was there to have her baby drown.  She left Miriam there to see what would happen for another person was coming to that area. (Ex. 2:5-6)

C.  I don’t believe the baby was left to die, I believe the baby was left to be found.  If there was any hope for this child it would come because someone of influence could save her baby.  What person of better influence with Pharaoh than his own daughter.

D.  Did you catch that the Bible says “she had pity on him?”  She felt sorry for him, her heart went out to him.  She was immediately emotionally touched, yet her dad had declared that the baby she was looking at was to die.  She had to make a decision.  And she got a little prompting from a Hebrew girl (Ex. 2:7-10)


III.  Moses Makes A Decision

A.  Before we leave the story of Moses, I want you to understand what his two moms gave him.

B.  Moses, the Bible says, was “raised in Pharaoh’s court.”  Moses had everything that a person could be given.  His real mother, Jocabed, was able to raise him up and teach him about Jehovah.  His second mom, Pharoah’s daughter, could give him a world class education, wealth, and power.  I believe both mom’s loved Moses, but Moses would eventually have to make a decision.  Which mom would he follow spiritually?  Decisions are not easy when they affect your life.

C.  Moses lived in Pharaoh’s house until he was 40 years old.  But the Hebrew writer tells us the rest of the story.  (Heb. 11:23-26)



A.  Both moms offered Moses a gift.  One was the gift of God the other the gift of man.  One was a teaching of that which is spiritual, the other a teaching of human wisdom.  It is not that Pharaoh’s daughter was a bad mother, but she was not a spiritual mother.

B.  As parents we have to decide what we give our kids.  We decide what is important and then we teach them our beliefs.  For some, the things of this world are what is important and that becomes the primary teaching.  For others, it is the things of God and that becomes the primary teaching.

C.  So Moms (and dads), I know you love your kids very much.  But what do you really want them to have when they grow up and are making their own decisions that affect the rest of their lives?  You set the stage for that.

D.  Teach your children to stand.  To stand on the promises of God.  To stand bound eternally by love’s strong cord.  If we can help you to stand on the promises of God, then come as we stand together and sing!