"Communication With God"

Preached by on June 4, 2017
— From the series,

Communicating with God – Matthew 6:5-8

1.      Introduction

a.      We all have phones, some of us are much more involved with theirs than others, but most of us are reliant on them, aren’t we? We all use them for many different things, but their main purpose is communication. We talk on the phone, we check Facebook, some of us tweet, text, snap, and gram. Not a bad thing, communication is the key to relationships

b.      Our relationship with God is not any different, we must know what God wants and what he says to understand him better. The only problem is that God is not simply another human being with whom we can talk to in person. But just like with our phones there are different ways:

2.      God speaks to us through his word

a.      2 Timothy 3:16-17

i.      God has spoken these words himself, they were not simply the writings of wise men

ii.      These words are useful to keep us on target and to help us be prepared for everything that God has prepared for us

b.      Hebrews 1:1-2

i.      God has chosen many ways to speak to humanity throughout history: prophets, a burning bush, dreams, and finally his Son.

c.       John 1:1-2

i.      Jesus is described as the Word, he is the actual message that God has given to us. He came and revealed to humanity the deeper meaning in the Old Testament and gave us better understanding of their intent.

d.      We ought to be honored that God has made so much effort to talk to us, his creations, it shows his love that he wants us to know him.

3.      We speak to God through prayer

a.      Colossians 1:3

i.      We thank God for the good things he has given us, including people that we know.

b.      James 1:5-6 & Matthew 7:7-11

i.      We ask God for the things that we need in our lives and we need to trust that God will provide what we truly need.

ii.      We must be careful that what we ask for is good, because that is what God wants to give us because of his love for us.

c.       Philippians 4:6-7

i.      We are to lay our problems at God’s feet, he knows what is happening in our lives since he knows everything, but he still wants us to talk about it.

d.      Much like a parent God knows all of these things before we say it to him. He gives us the things to be thankful for, he knows what we need to live and he knows what is bothering us, but the important thing is that we reach out to him.

4.      The Holy Spirit empowers much of this communication

a.      John 16:7-13

i.      The Holy Spirit adds conviction to this, he affects our hearts and makes us acutely aware of sin and what it means for us

ii.      He will also guide us to truth

iii.      Acts 5:32

1.      He is a witness within us to Christ’s identity

b.      Acts 28:25

i.      He is also responsible for the revelation of scripture to the authors of the Old and New Testaments

c.       Romans 8:26

i.      He helps us with our prayers when we don’t know what to say, he intercedes for us.

5.      Conclusion

a.      Let’s take advantage of all of these ways to communicate with God and allow God to communicate with us. We all have some form of reliance on our phones, and that is only to talk to humans, some of whom might not even like us much.

b.      Let’s work on developing a reliance on our communication with God, it doesn’t cost a monthly subscription or any special equipment, it only takes our time and some dedication to God