"Faith of Four Freinds"

Preached by on June 18, 2017
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Four Friends of the Paralytic – Mark 2:1-12

1.      What’s the limit of what you would do for your children? What about your parents? What about your friends?

2.      Look at what these men in Mark 2 were willing to do for this paralyzed man

a.      Jesus had so many people trying to hear him that there wasn’t any room, but these men had heard the rumors about Jesus being able to heal, so they weren’t going to let that stop them

b.      They dig a hole through the roof and let him down on ropes, that sounds like a project that we would get assigned in an engineering class. And it was their faith that Jesus was impressed by

3.      Sympathy of these men

a.      This man has been paralyzed but we don’t know for how long, he could have been born this way or had a disease or an accident, but at this point he was helpless and would have to be a beggar, that was his only option

b.      These men saw this and knew that there was a possibility to help him, and they took pity on him and decided to help

c.       John 5:1-7

i.      This man was pretty much in the same position, but he had no one to help him. There were chances of being healed at this pool but time and again he missed them.

4.      Generosity of these men

a.      Has anyone here ever helped someone move a couch? How about carrying it across town?

b.      Granted Capernaum wasn’t as big as Pittsburgh, at the time it was about 1,500 people which is about the size of Freed-Hardeman’s campus, but they still had to carry this man from wherever he lived to this crowded house where Jesus was. And when they got there, they couldn’t just carry him through the door. They climbed up onto the roof of this house with the crippled man!

c.       The amount of work they went through is quite astounding to me. A person doesn’t way too much when you spread it out among four men, but when you have to hold that weight for 10, 20, maybe 30 minutes it starts to get difficult. All of this was done just to help their friend.

5.      Boldness of these men

a.      V. 4 – And when they couldn’t get into this house, they climbed up on the roof and dug a hole through it! This is someone else’s house, there’s no mention of who’s house, but wouldn’t that be a little annoying? Hosting a party and later that night you find a hole in your house

b.      These men were bold in their faith, they felt that any price would be worth it if their friend could walk again. They are willing to destroy a roof just to get to Jesus because they believe so strongly that he can heal this man

c.       V. 5 – Their faith impresses Jesus and he heals their friend, which is exactly what they had been hoping for

6.      What about us?

a.      I’m not saying we have to go break holes in people rooves anytime soon, but would we be as persistent to help out somebody?

b.      And we’re not only called to do this for our family or our friends, but anyone who is near us, our neighbor – Luke 10:27-37