"Help My Unbelief"

Preached by on May 28, 2017
— From the series,

Cory’s first sermon as our summer intern.


God’s Providence – I believe; help my unbelief

Matthew 6:25-34

1.       My Story so far

a.       Growing up I had a lot of things that tried to kill me, but none of it succeeded

b.      Going through school I didn’t know what I wanted to do, then something showed up that I wasn’t expecting

c.       College changed my mind about a lot of things

2.       Where God was in this story

a.       There was never anything like luck in my life, but a God who cared

b.      God brought the right people into my life when I needed them

c.       The longer I live the more important and meaningful Mark 9:24 has become. We believe in God, but we still have parts of unbelief in us.

3.       The Sermon on the Mount and what Jesus said about God’s providence

a.       Jesus tells those in the audience to look at the world around them for assurance of God’s care

b.      Worrying isn’t for us (v. 27)

c.       Does that include planning? (James 4:13-16)

i.      We can’t simply sit on our hands and wait for God to take care of everything for us

ii.      We must always include God in our plans

4.       Finding the balance

a.       Romans 8:28 vs. John 15:18-25

b.      Oftentimes we hear verses like Romans 8:28 and think that nothing bad will ever happen

c.       Psalm 23, a beloved Psalm but it doesn’t say we go around the valley of the shadow of death, it says despite.

We need to trust God through the tough times and look forward to the good things that he has in store for us, he expects us to be diligent workers and to be trusting in him for all the things that we can’t do or prepare for.