"Jesus as a Real Person"

Preached by on July 30, 2017
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Jesus is the most influential human to have ever lived; he had a profound impact on all of life, whether people believe in him or not. And looking at such a huge person and reading about him, we can often forget that he was entirely real. We'll look at his life and how we can have a more grounded view of him as a person.

1)      Jesus as a Man – Hebrews 2:14-18

a)      Are you a sports fan?

i)        Follow a favorite team?

ii)      Been to many games?

iii)    Do you understand every rule?

b)      Knowledge never matches the experience

i)        Until you’ve been in a game and played through it, you don’t have a full appreciation for it

ii)      God knew this same fact, and so he sent Jesus – Hebrews 2:10

c)      He was made like us “in every respect”

i)        Some would claim that Jesus only appeared to be a human – Docetism

ii)      Others that he was a human body controlled by the Son – Apollinarianism

iii)    But he was truly man and God at the same time – Colossians 2:9

d)      Jesus was as human as we are

i)        He started life out as a baby

ii)      He went through being a teenager – Luke 2:52

iii)    He got tired and exhausted at times – John 4:6, Matthew 8:23-24

iv)    He got hungry and thirsty – John 4:7-8

e)      He was tempted

i)        Hebrews 2:17 – He became able to perfectly understand what it was like to be tempted. He never gave in, which is the most important part

ii)      He had to become like us to make propitiation for our sins

iii)    Propitiation is just another word for forgiveness, it means specifically to appease God

f)       Because He was tempted, He can help us

i)        Verse 18 – The Greek word that is translated as “help” is βοηθησαι

ii)      The word is the idea of running to help at someone’s cry, sometimes the cry of a child

iii)    Jesus is standing at the ready to help us when we cry out to him

g)      How does that help us?

i)        Have you ever been sent to the principal’s office?

ii)      And was your principal a person who had gotten in trouble when they were younger?

iii)    They tend to treat you more gently if they had been in your position before

h)      Our principal

i)        He’s been tempted as we are, and while he did resist, he knows how difficult that can be

ii)      He was perfected through suffering and now he can be more sympathetic to our case

iii)    God already was sympathetic to us as our creator, but he hadn’t experienced temptation before becoming human

i)        His example

i)        Recognizing that Christ was a real man, who lived and breathed, and yet did not sin is not enough on its own

ii)      We should look to him as an example and be striving to be like him. His life should be an inspiration for ours