"Moses As A Real Person"

Preached by on July 23, 2017
— From the series,

Who was Moses? – Exodus 7:1-6

  • The Jews liked to focus on this part
    1. He was greatly revered by the Jewish people
    2. And after all, he was the one who was given the Law and spoke to God as a friend – Exodus 33:11
    3. They focused on him as a successful follower of God
  • But what about his failings?
    1. He killed a man
    2. He doubted his abilities even after God assured him that he would be able
    3. He lost his earthly reward due to disobedience
  • He killed a man
    1. Exodus 2:11-15
    2. We never see any approval or punishment for this in the Bible
  • He didn’t trust God
    1. Exodus 4:1-17
    2. God promised to guide him and give him great signs, but that wasn’t enough for Moses
    3. He was too focused on himself and not who was empowering him
  • He didn’t Obey God
    1. Numbers 20:7-12
    2. Moses never gets to go into the promised land because of this
    3. He became accustomed to being able to do these powerful things, that he wasn’t careful to do it exactly as God told him
  • Moses wasn’t a perfect man
    1. He was just a man who had faith in God
    2. He made mistakes, but he still did what God asked of him
    3. He dealt with many things that we deal with
  • Moses was a man
    1. He had a wife and two sons – Exodus 2
    2. He got overwhelmed by the amount of work he had to do sometimes – Exodus 18
    3. He got frustrated with his co-workers – Exodus 32:21-24
  • What mattered the most though
    1. He was a man who had faith in God
    2. Yes, he failed from time to time, but look at the things that God did through Moses
    3. God knows who he chooses and what they will do
    4. We need to remember that each person in the story of God is just that, a person