"Mother’s Day Gift"

Preached by on May 12, 2019
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Buying a Mother's Day gift is never easy. But there are some things that a mom both needs and wants that are great gifts that we can give them, not just today, but throughout the years.

Gifts For Mom

(John 19:25-27)



A.  I can only imagine the viewpoint of the parents.  Your engaged daughter tells you she is pregnant, but the wedding is still a year away.  I don’t know how her mom felt.  I know how I would have felt – angry.  How could my daughter do this?  Does she not know how this pregnancy will affect the rest of her life?  Does she not understand the shame that she brings, not only on herself but us as a family?  Yes, I can only imagine what I would feel like or respond.  The truth is we don’t have any information on how her mom responded.

B.  But at some point in time, from the time Gabriel appeared to young Mary to the time Joseph decided there was not going to be a marriage, I would guess mom and dad found out.  But walk the story forward a short time.  Joseph does take Mary to be his wife, they do travel to Bethlehem and Jesus is born there, not up in Nazareth.  Then, after the time of the purification, Joseph and Mary take baby Jesus to the temple and are met by two that are rarely ever talked about in the Christmas story – an old woman named Anna and a man named Simeon, a righteous and devout man who was looking for “the consolation of Israel” (the Redeemer, the Messiah).

C.  When Simeon meets up with Joseph and Mary he takes baby Jesus in his arms and prays a thanksgiving to God.  He then blesses the parents and says something that Mary could not understand at the time (Luke 2:34-35).


I.  The Gift of Relationship

A.  Luke carries the story of Jesus forward, mentioning a time when Jesus 12, then jumping to the baptism of Jesus, then the ministry, and then cross.  It is John that gives us the details of Mary at the cross.  I am sure words cannot express the emotions within her at that moment.  But words do express Jesus at that moment.  While this is NOT a depressing Mother’s Day sermon, I wanted to touch this story because of Jesus view of his mom.

B.  There is no doubt that the sword that pierced Mary’s soul was this moment at the cross, but this is not about the grief she was going through, but the gift Jesus was giving.  This is the gift of relationship. John 19:25-27

C.  When you think about what mom needs, what a great gift we can give, it is that turning point when she is “done” raising the kids at home, and life gets a little quiet.  What she needs, what can bless her, is that of a deep, loving relationship.  From the time early in his ministry when she asked Jesus to help at a wedding reception, to this point at the cross, Jesus had a relationship with his mother.  But now that he was going to be leaving this earth, he wanted her to know she would always have a loving relationship in her life.  It is a slam on the brothers and sister of Jesus, but a gift from him to his mother.

D.  When I look at empty nester mom’s, or at the older mom’s (especially those who are widowed), relationships are what keeps them going.  Life is filled with change, but relationships are the steady, solid hand and arm that holds you.  Whatever gift you have given your mom, makes sure that your time, support, love and strength are always available to her.  Even if she doesn’t admit it, she needs you.


II.  The Gift of Honor

A.  Tag teaming with relationships is that of honor.  When God gave Moses the 10 Commandments, He taught the people how to be in relationship with Him and how to be in relationship with others.  The last six is the man to man connection, and that list starts with “Honor your father mother.”  The teaching is that we hold them up with respect and obedience.  In practice, they are our first connection to God.  They are the faith builders of our early life.  So we treat them with the type of respect as representatives of God.

B.  When the parents taught how to honor God to their children when the rose up and when they sat down, that training affected a nation.  The nation of Israel would live long in the land based upon how well we as children followed the godly instruction given to us by our parents.

C.  So maybe you are 8,9, 10 year old, and you are thinking what you should have gotten mom for Mother’s Day, let me give you one gift you can give her – your obedience.  To honor your mom is not just to listen to her, but follow her teachings.  Do you kids know what made Timothy into the type of person Paul wanted to mentor and train to become a great preacher?  It was the way his grandma and mom raised him.  Listen to Paul (READ 2 Tim. 1:5-6a).

D.  Look at vs 6 “for this reason.”  The reason is the sincere faith Timothy had due to the teachings of grandma and mom.  Now do the very things they taught you.  That gift of spiritual obedience is the best gift you can give.

E.  I don’t have to tell you kids, especially you teens, that mom is not perfect.  What God calls you to do is honor and obey her as she teaches you about Jesus.  Probably the biggest reason you are in this church today is because mom is here.  Give her the gift that she will carry inside her to the day she dies –that you are a faithful child of God and servant of Jesus Christ.  That gift alone is greater than all others.


III.  Adopted Spiritual Moms

A.  Maybe you did not grow up in a godly household.  Maybe your mother did not teach you about Jesus.  Maybe this sermon is hard for you to hear, but I would guess, that some woman has stepped into your life and become like a mom to you.  Do her a favor and let her know.

B.  Romans 16 lists many godly women who are great workers in God’s kingdom that Paul honors.  But there is a verse that I love.  It is verse 13.  Many believe that Rufus was the son of Simon of Cyrene that carried the cross of Jesus when Jesus fell.  It is probable that he shared that moment with his sons (Mark 15:21).  If that is the case, this woman, Simon’s wife, Rufus’ mom, became like a mom to Paul.

C.  I thank God for godly women who have been a spiritual mom to me.  I hope you have been blessed with those types of ladies in your life.



A.  Moms need our affection, our attention, our affirmation and many other gifts.  But relationship and honor top most lists of what Godly moms desire from their kids.

B.  May this day be a blessing to the wonderful moms of this congregation.  May you bless them and lift them up in prayer and action.


Because of Jesus,

Jeffrey Dillinger, minister