"My Gift In The Body"

Preached by on July 9, 2017
— From the series,

Gifts in the Body of Christ – Romans 12:3-8

  1. What gifts do we jump to?
    1. Preaching
    2. Prophecy
    3. Miracles
  2. But what gifts do we jump over?
    1. Generosity – Mark 12:41-44
    2. Kindness – Luke 10:30-35
    3. Teaching – 1 Thess. 1:6-7
    4. Serving – John 13:3-17
    5. Leading – Acts 1:15-17
    6. Encouraging – John 11:33-37
  3. Members do not all have the same function
    1. We have different gifts and that’s a good thing
    2. Have you ever been part of a team of all leaders? All workers?
    3. Various gifts make us more effective
  4. With the gifts in better focus, let’s consider ourselves
    1. In this section we’re told to consider ourselves with “sober judgment”, not under- or overrating our gifts
    2. Moses did both of these at some point – Exodus 4:1-13 & Numbers 20:8-13
    3. We should be finding the measure of our gifts, not being uncertain or overconfident
  5. We need to use these gifts
    1. Vs. 6 tells us to use them. That’s how we’ll know what our gifts
    2. We’ll never know if we don’t try
    3. Many times we wait for some great sign to enlighten us as to what our gifts are
  6. The body builds itself up
    1. Ephesians 4:11-16
    2. When all of these parts do their jobs (use their gifts) the body is built up
    3. Teachers, leaders, encouragers – actively build new body parts
  7. What gifts do you have?
    1. Think about the gifts that you have used in the past
    2. Are there gifts that you don’t even know about?