If you're new to Whitehall Church of Christ, then welcome! Our Welcome Center was designed with you in mind.

Our Elders

The Whitehall Church of Christ is blessed to have two men who currently serve as our elders.  If you are not familiar with churches of Christ, then you may not understand the role of these men.  When you read 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-7 you begin to see that there were men in each local church whose role it was to “shepherd the flock.”  They are the spiritual leadership of this church.  They are not a board of directors and they are not mini-dictators, but spiritual men who help to direct the spiritual aspects of this congregation.  Let me introduce them to you.


Sid Hatfield

Sid has been serving as an elder in this congregation since 2004.





Bill Nichols

Bill has also been serving as an elder since 2004.


Our Deacons:

We are also blessed to have three men currently serving as Deacons in our church.  Their role is to serve in key areas of ministry.  Jeff Hill works with our education and worship organization, Randy Snell works with our children and adult activities, and Scott Watson works with our finance and budget.

There are several pieces of information that might help you as you explore our church:

Learn about our services and what to expect.

Read a personal greeting from the preacher.

Hear how Whitehall Church has impacted others through our testimonies.

Additionally, if you need maps & directions or have questions that need answers, we’ve made it easy for you to find what you need through our website.

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