Hello, and welcome to the Whitehall Church of Christ and our web page. I hope you will find in these pages information to stimulate you to walk through the doors that lead into our building.

IMG_8831_810My name is Jeffrey Dillinger and I am the preacher for the Whitehall Church of Christ.  I have been with this congregation since 1997.  I was only 30 years old when my wife and I moved here with our two young children.  Since being here we have been blessed with two more children.  Our personal family has grown and so has our church family.  We hope you will grow with us.   By the way, call me Jeffrey.  In Churches of Christ, we’re not big on titles.  I am not the “pastor” or the “reverend”; I am simply a person like you and therefore like to be called by my name.  We believe that in the church everyone is equal so we try to not use titles that lift up one person over another.

My desire is to minister to the people God brings to our congregation.  I enjoy spending time with people both socially and spiritually.  I seek to visit most people who visit us.  I think that if you took the time to come and worship with us, then I want to take the time to come and visit with you.  Don’t worry, I would call first so as to let you determine the best time for a visit, if you desire one.  Oftentimes, people come to “check us out” because of something happening in their life.  It might be that they just moved to the area and are looking for a new church home; it might be they just got married or have children and want to raise them in a church environment; or sometimes people come because they are hurting emotionally or grieving and simply want to be with God’s people and soak in some of God’s love.  Whatever your needs, we would like to try and meet them with God’s help.

The church here is like a large family.  With about 110 people attending most Sunday mornings, we are big enough to do lots of things and small enough to know everyone.  We have two men who serve as our elders and set the spiritual tone of the congregation and three men who serve as deacons over areas of education, activities, and finance.  We have great classes for kids and adults every Sunday morning at 9:30 and Wednesday night at 7:30.  Sunday school and Wednesday nights are not just for kids, adults need time to grow and learn also.  So bring the whole family and study God’s word with us.

I have said that “every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.”  That is true.  There is no one too bad to come and worship, and no one so good they don’t need to.  We all need one another.  So come and meet us.  You don’t even have to dress up!  Most people you meet will simply be in same type of clothes they wear to the office.  There are a few of us (me being one) who are often in a suit and tie, but most are simply in something comfortable.  Remember, this is family, not an elite social club.  I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you better.

Jeffrey Dillinger