The life of the church is in the life of our congregation. Here are a few testimonies of people who have chosen to worship together with the Whitehall Church of Christ.

The reason I first came to the Whitehall Church of Christ is that when I married my husband, it was where he worshipped. I love the feeling of family and love and true concern belonging to this wonderful congregation!

The Whitehall church is easy to love! For years I passed this building almost daily with never a thought of stopping in. When God took control of my life, He took me almost full circle to bring me back to this church. Since then I have gained a great and growing number of new Christian friends who derive great pleasure from worshipping our God to intimate fellowship with one another. Your first visit will pretty much secure your love for these people and this church. I know and testify that it did for me! Blessings to the Whitehall Church of Christ!

I was looking for answers. I was not told the answers or what to believe. This church has helped me find the answers in the Bible.

I like to worship at Whitehall because the church family truly is just that, a “family”. I know that my church family is there for me whenever I need them. It doesn’t have to be spiritual in nature for me to reach out and ask for help. Although I do frequently ask for prayers for various things, I’ve also talked with church members about practical matters such as financial and career advice. Many, many years ago when my husband and I bought our home, the church family helped us move from our apartment into our new home. The list goes on and on, but when I walk into the church building at any time I am greeted by the smiling, friendly faces of people that I know truly care about me as a person as well as a Christian. I would be lost without my Whitehall family.